BioDesk is a desktop application that provides a convenient menu-driven interface to the BCF UNIX servers. The menu allows you to launch a variety of Life Sciences applications and XTerminal windows for running command line applications. BioDesk also allows the BCF staff to remotely connect to your session to assist you. For more detailed information, see 'Biodesk Anatomy' and other links below.

BioDesk can be used on various PCs and Macs. In order to use BioDesk, you must first download and install the BioDesk viewer/client (scroll to bottom of page for download links). Read more...

Starting a BioDesk Session

In order to use BioDesk, you must follow through with the process of starting a BioDesk session. Read more...

Stopping a BioDesk Session

A BioDesk session can be left running; the user can connect and disconnect as needed. However, running a BioDesk session does consume a lot of system resources.

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In order to maintain performance for all users, any session idle for more than 72 hours will be automatically terminated!

You will receive an automated email message when your session has been terminated.
A BioDesk session can be terminated manually by clicking on the 'EXIT' button on the BioDesk Taskbar.

To disconnect (not terminate) from a session, simply close the viewer application on your machine (do not click on 'EXIT' from the Taskbar).

You can then reconnect at a later time and/or from another location.

BioDesk Anatomy

BioDesk is a customized XWindows environment in which we have grouped a variety of genetic analysis software. This page will help familiarize you with the basic layout and available programs.Read more...

BioDesk Passwords

BioDesk sessions will require two passwords, each having its own function.

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BioDesk sessions will require two passwords, each having its own function. To run a BioDesk session you will need two passwords:
  • You need to use your Pub password to start up the session.

    Please see our Accounts page to apply for BioDesk user accounts

  • When you connect to a BioDesk session, the client will ask you for another password.

    This password is independent of your main BioDesk (Pub) password (although you could use the same one for both).

  • The first time you use BioDesk, you will be asked to set this extra password before the BioDesk Session Manager starts.

    If you forget your BioDesk password, you can reset it from theĀ Session Manager.

    As long as you remember your Pub password, you can change your BioDesk password at any time.

BioDesk Copying & Pasting

BioDesk allows the user to copy & paste text between applications within the BioDesk environment as well as between other applications on your machine. Read more...

BioDesk Potential Problems

BioDesk is not without its eccentricities and yes, even bugs. However, most problems can be avoided. Read more...