Computer Usage Policy

Each person using computer and network resources in Biocomputing Facility (BCF) should:

  • Take no actions which violate the University Student Code of Conduct, Classified Staff Personnel Policy Manual, or University Handbook for Appointed Personnel.
  • Abide by security measures implemented to protect information, data, and systems. Examples of adhering to this policy include periodic establishment of new passwords for your computer accounts, and limiting use to only the registered account owner or member of laboratory. Examples of misuse include using a computer account and/or obtaining a password that you are not authorized to use, using the campus network to gain unauthorized access to any computer system, and using a "sniffer" or other methods in an attempt to "crack" passwords.
  • Clearly and accurately identify yourself in electronic communications. Concealing or masking the identity of electronic communications such as altering the source of an email message by making it appear as if the message was sent by someone else, or the sending of anonymous email is in violation of this policy.
  • Use computer and network resources efficiently. Due to limited bandwidth, playing network games such as "Mud" or "Moo" are prohibited, as are other high use applications such as "IRC's". Other examples of inappropriate use include deliberately wasting computer resources by sending unsolicited mail either individually or via listservs and/or newsgroups (SPAM's), and sending "chain letters" or engaging in "pyramid" schemes. Likewise, the BCF does not allow the running of SLIP or PPP emulators, or any related software. Anyone running these directly on the BCF machines will be warned. Failure to comply with the warning may result in the permanent removal of your account from the system. This policy does not have anything to do with accessing your account by using legitimate SLIP or PPP services provided by the University, or any other Internet service provider.
  • Ensure that others are free from harassment or intimidation. Do not use computer systems to send, post, or display offensive, abusive, slanderous, or defamatory messages or images. This includes harassment and intimidation of individuals on the basis of race, sex, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, etc.
  • Ensure that the use of computer resources and networks is academically oriented. Use of your computer account or the network for profit or commercial gain is prohibited. Examples include using your computer account for engaging in consulting services, software development, advertising products/services, and/or other commercial profit-based endeavors.
  • Respect copyright and intellectual-property rights. Users must adhere to the University of Arizona Copyright Policy, and the terms and conditions of any and all software licensing agreements and/or copyright laws as specified by the vendor or licensor.
  • Respect University property. Misuse of University property includes, but is not limited to, theft or damage of equipment or software, knowingly running or installing computer viruses or password cracking programs, attempting to circumvent installed data protection methods that are designed and constructed to provide secure data and information, or in any way attempting to interfere with the physical computer network/hardware, or attempting to degrade the performance or integrity of any campus network or computer system.
  • Respect and adhere to other departmental/college/Internet Service Provider's acceptable use policies. When using a BCF computer system and/or network to connect to a non-BCF system or network, adhere to the prevailing policies governing that system or network. However, this does not in any way release your obligation to abide by the established policies governing BCF computer systems and networks.