Custom & Collaborative

Custom Programs, Web Interfaces, Data Centers, and other Services

We will assemble a team to suit your needs. If you have a project in mind, please contact Nirav Merchant to set up an initial meeting to evaluate your project. To help us build the team that will work best for you, please be prepared to give a written description of your project. An example of how you are currently doing analysis is often helpful and a flowchart of steps is extremely useful.

For prototyping and collaborations, please be prepared to submit a copy of your proposal to Nirav Merchant.

Some of the tasks with which BCF can provide assistance include: 

  • Development of online tools and software to facilitate better integration between data stored on its servers and other online resources.
  • Database, web services development and hosting (administration, security, backup) for large projects.
  • Development of programs and scripts to automate repetitive tasks associated with your analysis.
  • Management and distribution of data in collaborative projects and distributed environments

BCF Developed Software and Utilities

BCF has put together tools and resources to help our users analyze data and our facilities to function efficiently.

  • Example Mobile Health Applications: mHealth

If you are interested in using our software, contact us.

Prototyping, Collaborations, & Proposal Writing

BCF provides a broad range of assistance to investigators, from conceptual design to implementing current and emerging analysis methodologies into their analysis pipelines.  We can:

  • Assess and prototype information technology (IT) components for your projects
  • Assist in budgeting IT and associated staffing components
  • Provide letter of support for grant proposals
  • Provide list of equipment and resources in NIH, NSF formats
  • Provide text and needed material for appropriate sections of the proposal
  • Leverage on-campus expertise (engineering, computer science etc.) for solutions in the life sciences arena
  • Form collaborations to develop new analytical tools, proof of concept studies