Data Analysis

BCF provides support for a variety of Life Sciences Data Analysis needs:

Analysis Support

BCF assists investigators by providing software support for selected commercial and academic software. We also offer collaborations for extensive interpretations of data.

• NGS data analysis, experimental design, grant proposal support: Genome Analytics Services

• Assistance with High Performance Computing tasks, such as large BLAST jobs, NGS data mapping or assembly, EST clustering, gene-finding, PAML, PUZZLE, and other phylogenetic software.

High Performance Computing

BCF can help you migrate computationally and data intensive analyses to UA's High-Performance Computers or CyVerse.

Get results faster by submitting large jobs to the campus high performance computers. You may obtain an account through UITS Research Computing and BCF can help get you started on running the programs.

Typical applications: BLAST, CLUSTAL, HMMER, velvet, bwa, bowtie/tophat/cufflinks, samtools, interproscan, R packages, etc.

Experimental Design

In cooperation with the University of Arizona Genetics Core, Genome Analytics Services , and the University Information Technology Services (UITS) Research Computing group, BCF coordinates a team specializing in molecular biology, bioinformatics and statistics to help investigators design statistically sound experiments. Contact us before starting NGS and other large scale projects.