High Performance Computing

BCF can help you migrate computationally and data intensive analyses to the UA's High-Performance Computers. Accounts and computing hours on UA HPC are free of charge to UA faculty, staff, and students.

BCF maintains commonly searched NCBI BLAST databases such as nr, nt, and uniprot in the /genome directory on the UA HPC systems (these are automatically updated on the first day of each month so it is advised NOT to run blast searches that could span this day.) Illumina iGenomes for various species are also available in /genome/iGenomes. BCF can also install Life Sciences software designed to run on HPC systems as modules in the /unsupported/nirav area.

Get results faster by submitting large jobs to the campus high performance computers. You may obtain an account through UITS and BCF can help get you started on running the programs. Typical applications include BLAST, CLUSTAL, HMMER, FASTA, PAML suite, cutadapt, velvet, newbler, BWA, Trinity, bowtie/tophat/cufflinks, samtools, etc.