High Throughput

High Performance/High Throughput Computing (HPC/HTC) at University of Arizona

The FAQs below pertain to the 2012-2015 UA HPC/HTC systems. These systems include a shared memory computer, ICE 8400 cluster, and an IBM High Throughput system (HTC) that is suitable for running serial/single-threaded jobs or other non-MPI jobs using up to 12 threads.  For more information of these computing systems, visit http://rc.arizona.edu

High Performance Computing System FAQs

The U of A UITS group maintains High Performance Computing and High Throughput Computing systems for use in research applications. A shared memory supercomputer and two Linux clusters (ICE and IBM-HTC) are available for running jobs requiring a large amount of memory, parallel processing, and certain visualization and scientific applications. ICE is a large cluster of Silicon Graphics Altix machines (12 cpus per node).  Read more...