High Performance Computing

BCF can help you migrate computationally and data intensive analyses to the UA's High-Performance Computers or the Condor Grid.

Get results faster by submitting large jobs to the campus high performance computers. You may obtain an account through UITS and BCF can help get you started on running the programs.
Typical applications: BLAST, CLUSTAL, HMMER, FASTA, PAML suite, velvet, newbler, bowtie/tophat/cufflinks, samtools, etc.

Grid Computing: Many computationally intensive analysis applications are not designed to run in parallel and have long run times (serial jobs). These applications are well suited for using grid technology to harvest idle CPU's on campus. To learn more about this technology visit this Nature Web Matters article. To donate your CPU cycles for on campus projects, contact the UITS Research Computing Support staff.
A partial list of available programs for UA grid: PAUP, GENETREE, MrBayes, PROML, PUZZLE, HON-NEW, HON3 (for larger inputs), PAML suite.