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BCF staff members are well versed in software development, database design and implementation, high performance and high throughput computing for Life Sciences applications, numerical and statistical methods, image analysis (acquisition and processing), and training. BCF seeks to promote the implementation of open standards, technology based web enabled database solutions for scientific experiments and data analysis.

The BCF team can evaluate the computational needs for your projects and recommend appropriate technologies (software and hardware) and methods for analyzing, sharing and distributing data.

Leveraging from implemented projects and prior experience, BCF staff can propose efficient, optimized and timely solutions for your analysis pipelines.
In general, we provide one hour of free consultation and/or service per project. Additional staff labor hours are billable (at approximately $40-$80 per hour; See **NEED CHANGED FORM** this form). If you have several group members in need of the same training, we can schedule a workshop for them. See our Events, Education & Training page for this and other training information.


Data Processing and Analysis Lab
Prototyping, Collaborations, & Proposal Writing
Image Processing
High Performance Computing
Custom Programs, Web Interfaces, Data Centers, and other Services
Computing & Programming Consultation
BCF Developed Software and Utilities
Analysis Support