Usage & Benefits

Most analyses require users to employ multiple packages and deal with a multitude of data formats, ranging from simple spreadsheets to relational databases and visualization packages. Seldom will transfer of data amongst applications occur without the use of utilities or filters. BCF provides reliable and consistent access to all software packages and supporting utilities as part of their service.

Some of the benefits of using BCF services:

Ease of use

  • Most of our services are designed for remote access e.g. you can connect from your desktop (Mac or PC) and work with your data
  • Easily transfer data between your desktop and our servers
  • No need to upgrade, patch copies of software (handled by BCF staff)


BCF staff will interface with other groups such as:

  • Biostatisticans for experimental design
  • Various core facilities (Proteomics, Imaging, Sequencing etc.)
  • In house database and web services developers
  • High throughput computing for CPU intensive tasks

To facilitate end to end integration and employ appropriate technologies for optimal results

Cost Effective

  • Since most calculation/processing is done on the server there is no need for users to install additional resources on their desktop
  • Multiple users can access applications at the same time, ideal for laboratory use, specially when one can easily share data with designated users
  • Access to most BCF analysis services is offered at no cost


  • Our remote BioDesk solution allows us to share a screen and desktop so we can easily walk users through complicated tasks over the phone
  • BCF staff members are well versed with the offered software packages
  • BCF maintains service and support agreements with software providers for problems that cannot be resolved locally

Clearing house

  • BCF staff interface with many users across disciplines in the sciences and engineering
  • We can assist users in locating partners on and off campus that utilize similar tool and methodologies
  • Identify and facilitate collaboration between groups in life sciences looking for cutting edge technologies and solutions for solving complex biological questions
  • Identify potential collaborative target groups for solution providers