Analytics Powerhouse for Health and Life Sciences

Vision: Establish a powerhouse for health analytics by creating and supporting a robust data-rich ecosystem that has minimal friction at the boundaries of technology, compliance, and usage.
Mission: Empowering research teams to collaborate using contemporary data science tools and technologies in a productive computational environment.

The Analytics Powerhouse (UA/UAHS 5.3 Strategic Initiative) is led by the UA Data Science Institute (Director: Nirav Merchant; Associate Director: Maliaca Oxnam).  It is comprised of five major groups:

  • Data: Robust Data Access and Stewardship (Lead: John Howard)
    • This group streamlines access to unique and high value data sets, while minimizing the burden on individual investigators for obtaining and utilizing data from multiple sources.
  • Analytics: Vibrant Analytics Enclave (Lead: Jeremy Frumkin)
    • This group establishes a secure, compliant and flexible data analytics environment, and provide researcher teams working with protected data access a well configured, scalable workspace for analyzing protected and confidential data.  This service is named UA Soteria.
  • Community Services: Data Science Services and Communities of Practice
    • This group builds an ecosystem of interdisciplinary teams with expertise in applying machine/deep learning based methods in Image, Text, Sentiment, Behavioral, Sensor and digital health analytics.
  • Emerging Technologies: Analytics for Leveraging Emerging Modalities (Lead: Nirav Merchant)
    • This group establishes analytics ecosystems and workflows for new sensors, instrumentation and devices that have strategic value for researchers.
  • Education and Training: Continuing Education for a Data-Rich and Cloud-Savvy Research Community (Lead: Eric Lyons, Maliaca Oxnam)
    • This group provides researchers with a coordinated suite of data science training modules, and consulting, project, staffing, and networking services.  This is accomplished through the Data Science Fellows Program.

To accomplish these activities, the Analytics Powerhouse leverages the expertise of the University of Arizona and UA Health Sciences and several large data science projects managed at the UA.

The work and services offered to the UA Campus is through funding from
UA Strategic Initiative: UAHS 5.3 - Health Analytics Powerhouse