Data Science Resources and Training (DSRT) Steering Committee

The Data Science Resources & Training Steering Committee (DSRT-SC) advocates, advises, and cultivates new data science opportunities at the University of Arizona. Members of the DSRT-SC promote and contribute to this information sharing portal, connecting UArizona research community with data science training opportunities and campus resources. 

The DSRT-SC reviews and advises communication strategies and advocates for data science resources. Specifically, DSRT-SC members are responsible for:

  • Actively promoting data science resources within their respective professional communities on campus
  • Contributing content in the form of training events and information on campus resources
  • Collecting feedback and reporting back on training successes and gaps in opportunities
  • Identifying additional data science trainers and opportunities

DSRT Steering Committee members:

  • Jeff Oliver, DSRT Coordinator (UA Libraries)
  • Steven Bethard (School of Information)
  • Ellen Bledsoe (Natural Resources & the Environment)
  • Uwe Hilgert (BIO5)
  • Bonnie Hurwitz (Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering)
  • Josh Levine (Computer Science)
  • Eric Lyons (CyVerse)
  • Barney Maccabe (Institute for Computation and Data-Enabled Insight)
  • Fiona McCarthy (Animal & Comparative Biomedical Sciences)
  • Nirav Merchant (Data Science Institute, Cyverse)
  • Maliaca Oxnam (Data Science Institute)
  • Adriana Picoral (Computer Science)
  • Julian Pistorius (College of Agriculture & Life Sciences)
  • Chris Reidy (Research Computing)
  • Kristina Riemer (CCT Data Science)
  • Nathalie Risso (Mining & Geological Engineering)
  • Janet Rothers (College of Nursing)
  • Jennifer Schultz De La Rosa (Family and Community Medicine)
  • VIgnesh Subbian (Biomedical Engineering)
  • Tyson Swetnam (BIO5, CyVerse)

Steering Committee Alumni

  • Michael Culshaw-Maurer (CyVerse, The Carpentries)
  • Blake Joyce (Research Computing)
  • David LeBauer (Arizona Experiment Station)
  • Susan Miller (UA Data Science Institute)