Machine Learning Literacy Workshop held Feb 8, 2020

March 6, 2020
MLLP attendees in lecture hall

The Machine Learning Literacy Project (MLLP) was a one-day workshop held in ENR2 at the University of Arizona on Saturday February 8, 2020. The workshop came about to address the serious need of preparing students for the modern Machine Learning-literate workforce.  Due to the amazing things that can now be done using ML, the demand for its use in every discipline from Science and Engineering, to Law, to the Humanities, exceeds the current workforce capacity.

The MLLP workshop was designed to meet this demand by accomplishing the following outcomes for its undergraduate and graduate student attendees: students

·       Learned basic ML concepts through high-level talks from research experts at UArizona

·       Learned how ML is being applied and has advanced research in their domain

·       Gained experience in working collaboratively in inter- and multidisciplinary teams

·       Researched, prepared and delivered short presentations on their findings to a diverse audience

·       Learned about other opportunities at UArizona for data science learning and applications

There were over 80 participants from 25 majors at the event in addition to over 20 volunteers and 3 speakers.  Students learned about and presented on topics ranging from ML-assisted surgery to ML usage in Linguistics and Education.