Rudy Salcido - Welcome to DSI!

Oct. 24, 2022
New Member of DSI
Rudy Salcido

The University of Arizona Data Science Institute welcomes Rudy Salcido as the newest member to the Data Science Institute!  Salcido is originally from Tucson and graduated from the University of Arizona with a degree in accounting. He later earned his masters in administrative leadership from the University of Oklahoma. After more than two decades in the Marine Corps, Salcido is pleased to be back in his hometown working for his alma mater. 

As Program Manager, Salcido will manage UA Soteria and the Data Science Fellows program for DSI. He says that the challenges ahead for him at DSI are analogous to his work during his time as a Marine. He says that with every new environment and every new situation, there are always the fundamental parts that are required to keep the “ship on course.” Teamwork, open communication, cooperation between all departments, and critical thinking are just some of the fundamentals that have yet to lead astray the programs he has formerly managed. 

The Data Science Institute is happy to have him aboard and looks forward to his expertise in keeping the DSI ship afloat!