University of Arizona Researcher Wins DMP Challenge Prize

April 1, 2022

Join us in congratulating Damian Romero as the DMP Challenge prize winner for his exemplary data management plan. The prize recognizes his Data Management Plan (DMP), Using Natural Language Processing to Determine Predictors of Healthy Diet and Physical Activity Behavior Change in Ovarian Cancer Survivors

In addition to the $500 DataWorks! DMP Challenge award, Romero will receive a $500 matching award from the NNLM National Center for Data Services for his collaboration with University of Arizona data librarian Fernando Rios, PhD. 

Romero is a PhD candidate at the University of Arizona in Hispanic Linguistics. He would like to thank his mentors Tracy E. Crane, PhD (University of Miami), Steven J. Bethard, PhD (University of Arizona), and Rios for their support.