Michele Cosi

Research Data Scientist

Michele is a Plant Scientist by training and a Research Data Scientist by trade. His work as a plant scientist revolves around the bioinformatics and genomics aspects of the field with contributions such as the assemblies of the Oryza longistaminata (red rice) and Oryza glaberrima (Africa rice) genomes. Incorporating data science aspects in his research, Michele aided the development of scalable workflow systems capable of processing the large volumes of high-throughput phenotyping data originating from the world's largest scanalyzer by leveraging CyVerse and the UA High-Performance Computing systems. Michele is a strong believer in Open Science, educating researchers in data science best practices, FAIR and CARE principles, containerization, and cloud native technologies. His experience has seen him lead scientific workshops such as Foundational Open Science Skills (FOSS), Container and Cloud Native Camp, and international workshops such as CompBio Asia 2022 and 2023 (Thailand and Singapore), and the 6th Uppsala Transposon Symposium (Sweden).